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Apollo 10
Apollo 10 northwestward view of Triesnecker crater

An Apollo 10 northwestward oblique view of Triesnecker crater, centered near 3.6 degrees east longitude, and 4 degrees north latitude. This picture, taken from the Command and Servic Modules, shows terrain features typical of northeastern Central bay. Beyond the highlands, the smooth floor of the Sea of Vapors extends almost to the horizon some 600 kilometers (375 statute miles) from the spacecraft. Triesnecker crater, about 27 kilometers (17 statute miles) in diameter, was 135 kilometers (85 statute miles) northwest of Apollo 10 when the picture was taken. The intersecting linear features to the right of Triesnecker crater are the Triesnecker Rilles.

Catalog Date: 18 May 1969
Film Type: 70mm
NASA image: AS10-32-4819

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