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Apollo 10
Apollo 10 oblique view of Apollo Landing Site 2 southwest Sea of Tranquility

An Apollo 10 oblique view of Apollo Landing Site 2 in the southwestern Sea of Tranquility, and showing some of the area west of the site, looking west. The Site 2 ellipse is at botom center, extending downward (eastward) from the Cat's Paw. At bottom left corner is the crater Moltke AC (Chuck Hole) in the center of the prominent linear feature Hypatia Rille (called U.S. 1). The other rille in the center of the picture and to the right (north) of Hypatia Rille is called Wagon Road. The Largest crater in picture, and nearest to the camera, is Sabine, with Ritter adjoining it on the northwest. The brighter crater near the upper right corner is Dionysius. The smaller crater Schmidt is just above (to the west of) Sabine. The small crater Sabine D is near lower right corner, to the right (north) of Site 2. The coordinates of Site 2 are 23 degrees 42 minutes 23 seconds east longitude and 0 degrees 42 minutes 50 seconds north latitude.

Catalog Date: 18 May 1969
Film Type: 70mm BW
NASA image: AS10-32-4756

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