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Apollo 11
Apollo 11 lunar sample no. 10046

A close-up view of Apollo 11 lunar sample no. 10046, under scientific examination in the Lunar Receiving laboratory, bldg 37, Manned Spacecraft Center. This rock was among many brought back to Earth by the crew of the Apoll 11 lunar landing mission. The rock has glass-lined pits and vugs throughout the surface area. Scientists have labeled it a microbreccia, with lithic fragments up to a few millimeters in size. Tine broken grains of feldspar and pyroxene were recognized in early examination, but the great bulk of the rock is composed of microscopic grains of lunar dust. This sample of microbreccia is somewhat harder and more cohesive than others.

Catalog Date: 04 August 1969
Film Type: 35mm BW
NASA image: S69-45516

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