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Apollo 11
Apollo 11 lunar surface panoramic views

These panoramic views of the lunar surface, photographed from the Apollo 13 Lunar Module (LM) as it rested on the lunar surface, reveal the surface near where the LM touched down in the southeastern Sea of Tranquility as it looked before and after Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin participated in extravehicular activity (EVA). The United States flag is pictured in the bottom or "after" photo, with the black and white lunar surface television camera pictured at right of flag. Shadows of the LM are visible in the two panormaic views and a silhouette of part of a Reaction Control Subsystem thruster is seen in the bottom picture. Note the various footprints made by the two crewmen during their EVA period.

Catalog Date: 20 July 1969
Film Type: 4x5
NASA image: S69-44465

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