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Apollo 13
Apollo 13 landing site with overlay

This overlay map of terrain on the lunar nearside shows the area of the landing site of the Apollo 13 mission, in relation to two previous landings. The proposed Apollo 13 landing site is located in the highlands north of Fra Mauro. The coordinates of the planned site are 17.550 degrees west longitude and 3.617 degrees south latitude. The landing site of the Apollo 12 mission is located approximately 105 nautical miles west of the Apollo 13 site. The landing site of the unmanned Ranger VII space vehicle is at 10.74 degrees south latitude and 20.7 degrees west longitude, approximately 130 nautical miles south-southwest of the Apollo 13 site and 140 nautical miles south-southeast of the Apollo 12 site.

Catalog Date: 29 January 1970
Film Type: 8x10
NASA image: S70-28115

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