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Apollo 13
Apollo 13 astronauts participate in walk-through of EVA timeline at KSC

Astronaut James A. Lovell Jr., commander of the Apollo 13 lunar landing mission, participates in a walk-through of the extravehicular activity (EVA) timeline at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Here, Lovell, using mock-ups, traverses with the two subpackages of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP). Astronaut Fred W. Haise Jr., lunar Module Pilot, is standing in the left background (29672); Haise participates in a walk-through of the EVA timeline at KSC. Here, Haise uses an Apollo Lunar Surface Drill to dig a three-meter heat flow probe hole (29673).

Catalog Date: 28 January 1970
Film Type: 4x5 BW
NASA image: S70-29673

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