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Apollo 15
View of Schroeter's Valley and crater Aristarchus photographed by Apollo 15

An oblique view of Schroeter's Valley and the crater Aristarchus, as photographed by the Fairchild metric camera in the SIM bay of the Apollo 15 Command/Service Module in lunar orbit. This view is looking south. The large, bright-appearing crater to the left of the head of meandering Schroeter's Valley is Aristarchus, the center of which is located at 48 degrees west longitude and 24 degrees north latitude. The crater Aristarchus is approximately 35 kilometers (about 21.75 statute miles) in diameter. The head of Schroeter's Valley, a sinuous rille in the Aristarchus Plateau in the Ocean of Storms, is called Cobra Head. Herodotus is the crater just above and to the right of Cobra Head in upper center.

Catalog Date: 25 August 1971
Film Type: 4x5 BW
NASA image: S71-44666

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