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Apollo 15
Apollo 15 Lunar eclipse views

During the lunar eclipse that occured during the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission, Astronaut Alfred M. Worden, command module (CM) pilot, used a 35mm Nikon camera to obtain a series of photographs while the moon was entering and exiting the earth's umbra. This task was an attempt to measure by photographic photometry the amount of scattered light reaching the moon. The first view (l-r) is a four-second exposure which was taken at the moment when the moon had just entered the umbra; the second is a 15-second exposure taken two minutes after entry; the third, a 30-second exposure three minutes after entry; and the fourth is a 60-second exposure four minutes after entry. The background star field is clearly evident. The spacecrafrt was in full sunlight when these photographs were taken, and it was pointed almost directly away from the sun so that the windows and a close-in portion of the camera's line-of-sight were in shadow.

Catalog Date: 01 August 1971
Film Type: 4x5 BW
NASA image: S71-58222

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