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Apollo 15
Astronauts Scott and Irwin join geologists in looking at Apollo 15 samples

Astronauts David R. Scott, left, and James B. Irwin, right, join Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) geologists in looking at some of the first Apollo 15 samples to be opened in the Non-Sterile Nitrogen Processing Line (NNPL) in the Manned Spacecraft Center's Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL). Holding the microphone and making recorded tapes of the two Apollo 15 crewmen's comments is Dr. Gary Lofgren. Partially obscured, near center of photo is Dr. William Phinney, and to his left is Dr. James L. Head.

Catalog Date: 09 August 1971
Film Type: 35mm BW
NASA image: S71-43203

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