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Apollo 16
Apollo 16 view of moon taken with Fairchild metric mapping camera in orbit

A newly-analyzed photograph of the southwest quadrant of the Moon with an overlay indicating where the launch vehicle stages from two Apollo missions, 13 and 14, hit the lunar surface. This is the first time two S-IVB stage impact points have been located in a single photo. The S-IVB stage is the thrid stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle. The Riphaeus Mountains run northward between the two impact points. The fresh, raised-rim crater at center left is Euclides; and the largest crater near the horizon at upper left is Landberg. The mare area at lower right is the Known Sea. The photograph was taken by the Apollo 16 Fairchild metric mapping camera in lunar orbit, at a 40-degree north oblique angle. The picture was taken during the Apollo 16 Command/Service Module's 59th revolution of the Moon, at an altitude of 124 kilometers. The Sun elevation was 18 degrees.

Catalog Date: 01 April 1972
Film Type: 4x5 BW
NASA image: S72-55424

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