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Apollo 8
Oblique view of the lunar surface taken from Apollo 8 spacecraft

This oblique view of the lunar surface was taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft looking southward toward Goclenius and other large craters near 45 degrees east longitude and 10 degrees south latitude in the Sea of Fertility. Goclenius, the crater in the foreground with a rille-broken flat floor, is about 70 kilometers (45 statue miles) in diamter. One rille, approxiamtely horizontal in this view, crosses both crater rims and the central peak. In the background, the two large craters with smooth floors are Colombo A (left) and Magelhaens. Magelhaens A, the crater with the irregular floor is about 35 kilometers (20 statute miles) in diameter.

Catalog Date: 24 December 1968
Film Type: 70mm BW
NASA image: AS08-13-2224

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