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Gemini 3
Post Gemini 3 mission press conference

News conference held at the Carriage House press site the day after the successful Gemini-Titan 3 three-orbit mission. Being interviewed at the press table by news media are (left to right) Dr. Kurt H. Debus, Director, Kennedy Space Center; Christopher C. Kraft Jr., MSC Assistant Director for Flight Operations; Astronaut Joh W. Young, pilot of the GT-3 flight; Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom, command pilot of the GT-3 mission; Dr. Robert R. Gilruth, MSC Director; Dr. Robert C. Seamans, Associate Administrator, NASA; and Julian Scheer, Assistant Administrator, Office of Public Affairs, NASA.

Catalog Date: 04 July 1965
Film Type: 4x5 BW
NASA image: S65-20864

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