Apollo Video Clips
All of the videos below are in MPEG-1 format.

Update: I'm afriad that due to bandwidth restrictions I've had to remove the videos from the site. The videos are still available on my site snapshot CD. See the home page for details.

Apollo 11 Lift Off

Saturn V liftoff as seen from the top of the launch tower.

Apollo 11 Landing

View from one of the Eagle's on-board cameras recording the last 2000 feet of the descent to the lunar surface.

Apollo 11 Rendezvous

View from Columbia as the Eagle ascends from the lunar surface.

Apollo 15 Hammer & Feather Experiment

David Scott demonstrates the physics of objects falling in a gravity field.

Apollo 16 Boulder Discovery

Astronauts Young and Duke discover a huge boulder, as seen from the rover


Apollo 16 Salute

Charlie Duke photographing John Young jumping up in front of the LEM.


Apollo 16 Stone Mountain EVA

Astronauts Young and Duke exploring the lunar terrain.