Apollo Expeditions to the Moon

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - A Perspective On Apollo

A Perspective On Apollo 1
A Ferment Of Debate
The Goal Of Apollo
Large Issues Of Policy
Kennedy's Decision
Working With Industries And Universities
Benefits From Space Technology

Chapter 2 - "I Believe We Should Go to the Moon"

What We Had To Build On
The Year Of Decisions (June 1961 TO June 1962)
Gemini Program
The Plan In Retrospect

Chapter 3 - Saturn the Giant

Determining Saturn's Configuration
Choosing The Builders
An All-Up Test For The First Flight
The Perils Of Pogo
Artificial Storms At The Arm Farm

Chapter 4 - The Spaceships

Two Magnificent Flying Machines
Complex Subsystems Performed Vital Functions
A Tragic Fire Takes Three Lives
And Then Rebuilding Began
Testing And Retesting To Get Ready For Flight

Chapter 5 - Scouting the Moon

A Shaky Start
Our First Close Look
Testing The Surface
Mapping And Site Selection

Chapter 6 - The Cape

Keeping Vertical On The Move
A Launch Every Other Month
Testing The Team
When The Red Light Lit Up

Chapter 7 - "This is Mission Control"

Vigilance And Judgment
A Lightning Strike
Reprogramming In Flight
Long-Distance Solutions
An Advanced Computer Complex
Maneuver Targeting
Training Crews And Controllers
Contributions Of Flight Surgeons

Chapter 8 - Men for the Moon

The Strenous Selection Process
Preparing For All Eventualities
Their Origins And Characteristics
Advantages Of Being The Eldest Son
Which Men For Which Flight Crews?
Choosing The First Man On The Moon
What Happens To Ex-Astronauts?
Appendix: Protecting Men For Their Steps On The Moon

Chapter 9 - The Shakedown Cruises

Detective Work On The Telemetry
An Early Trip Around The Moon
A Superb Spacecraft
Lifting From A Sea Of Flame
Orbiting The Moon Christmas Eve
A Lunar Christmas

Chapter 10 - Getting It All Together

Those Computer Alarms
First Manned Flight Of The LM
Descent Engine Fired
The LM On Its Own
The Dress Rehearsal
Flawless Rendezvous

Chapter 11 - "The Eagle Has Landed"

The Most Awesome Sphere
Asleep In Lunar Orbit
A Yellow Caution Light
The Boy In The Candy Store
Coaxing The Flag To Stand
All Smiles And Giggles

Chapter 12 - Ocean of Storms and Fra Mauro

Little Clouds Around Your Feet
Tan Dust On Surveyor
Choosing A Smoother Spot
A Lunar Rickshaw
The Hunt For The Rim Of Cone
Appendix: ALSEP, Scientific Station on the Moon

Chapter 13 - "Houston, We've Had a Problem"

Arranging For Survival
Fifteen Minutes Of Power Left
A Square Peg In A Round Hole
Tired, Hungry, Wet, Cold, Dehydrated
Appendix: Detailed Chronology

Chapter 14 - The Great Voyages of Exploration

A New View Of The Moon
Inconceivable Violence
The Missions Of Understanding
A Major Thermal Event?
Beads Of Orange Glass
Appendix I: A New Way Of Exploration
Appendix II: Touring The Moon

Chapter 15 - The Legacy of Apollo

Implanting Sensors On The Moon
Hot Debates About Volcanoes
Ancient Tracks Of Radiation
The Nagging Question Of Origin
Life In An Ocean Of Gas
Appendix: Photography And Spacecraft ...

The Contributors
Key Events in Apollo
Apollo Mission Profile
Editor's Note